About Us

Greg and Donna met 28 years ago in Cheyenne Wyoming shortly after college.  Greg had received a degree in Restaurant Management from University of Minnesota in Crookston MN and Donna a degree in Musical Theatre from Shenandoah College & Conservatory of Music in Winchester VA. After living in Wyoming, Colorado, California and New York, it was time to take over the family business and move to Minnesota.  Greg and Donna have owned and operated Parenteau’s OOf-da Tacos for 22 years. They are 1 of 3 franchises of OOf-da Tacos Inc. founded by Don & Sharon Ramberg of Mentor, MN. Together Greg & Donna have raised four boys, who have all worked in the business.  It has remained a family business for the past 32 years, serving our very loyal guests the most unique fried bread taco with a Scandinavian flair. Parenteau’s OOf-da Tacos Inc travels throughout Minnesota with 3 mobile concession stands. Some Events are: Minnesota State Fair, Norsk Hostfest (in Minot ND), Moondance Jams, Kickin Up Kountry & several Minnesota County Fairs.